Who we are

With over 20 years of experience, Brooks Material Handling considers every facet of a client’s project to design and install the most efficient, cost effective solution for their application.

Brooks Material Handling specializes in finding the right material handling solution for each client’s needs. We look at all aspects of a client’s project to come up with the most efficient and cost-effective way to improve their process for the required products. We understand our client desires to improve throughput, quality, safety, and reduce costs. All these things need to be accomplished while keeping the return on investment (ROI) high. We enjoy presenting our ideas to clients in a clear format with drawings showing the concepts and layout for client approval and input. The arena of ideas and meetings can be lengthy but we are very used to working through this process to come up with an idea that works and fulfills everyone’s needs.

“Brooks Material Handling was able to engineer and install a custom solution for our distribution center. Fabricating special hardware to address the unique nature of our products was essential for a successful installation. The project progressed smoothly and was online before the delivery date. Thanks.”

T. Dansen


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