We engineer and design per our customers’ needs and requirements.  We often enter a facility and evaluate the production process, production rates, product sizes, etc. to determine what is the best way to improve throughput rates and ergonomic issues.  We take this information and develop our engineering documentation and CAD drawings. At this point we conduct an engineering review to ensure that the system will perform as needed and as designed.  Once that review is complete, we will develop an estimate by generating several material options to reduce costs as much as possible.  Once this is done, we will put together a comprehensive detailed proposal keeping in mind our customer’s needs and requirements. We add additional return on investment information that the customer should be able to recognize once we move forward.

The customer will see a detailed drawing of the proposed system, a detailed proposal stating all the equipment and scope of operations that we will be providing.  This is all prepared by a staff of individuals that have made a career in the material handling business, specifically in the industrial manufacturing arena.

We have an experienced and qualified engineering staff that designs and creates special material handling systems and devices. This is accomplished through evaluation of our customers’ needs and requirements for handling their specific product.