Brooks Material Handling offers complete design, engineering, installation, fabrication, maintenance and repair services for all your material handling needs from conveyor systems and cranes to industrial supplies and carts.

Surface Conveyors Solution Design

Brooks Material Handling leverages decades of experience designing, engineering and surface conveyor systems. Whether you’re moving pounds of product or tons, Brooks Material handling has the experience and expertise to design and build the right system to fit your application.

Overhead Conveyor Solution Design

Brooks Material Handling applies the same knowledge and experience when it comes to overhead conveyor solutions. We have experience and expertise dealing with monorail hand push systems, powered enclosed track and chain and trolley conveyors, plus power and free systems. You can depend on us to find the best solution at the most competitive price.

Bridge Crane, Monorail Systems & Hoist

Brooks Material Handling has the same decades of experiences when finding the best solutions for a customer looking for lifting solutions.  We can provide bridge cranes, jib cranes, or monorails with electric hoist to aid in ergonomics or production improvement. We are one of the leading distributors for Gorbel products, be it their enclosed track work cell cranes or their patented rail system.

Power Rotators

Power rotators are utilized to spin a product to a painting operation. Often in an automated painting system the product needs to rotate so the coating material is applied to all areas of the product. Using a power rotator, which is either a chain or belt driven rotating device, it will engage a swivel fixture to spin the product in front of the automated application equipment or in the front of an operator.

Paint Application Equipment Installation

Brooks Material Handling has been providing conveyor equipment to the painting applications industry since our inception and, because of our reliability and quality of products and services, we were encouraged to install not only the material handling portions of a paint application project, but also the application equipment enclosures. With several dozens of installations under our belt, we not only think we are proficient at these tasks, but it is and additional expertise we can bring to our clients.

Brooks Material Handling designs, engineers, fabricates and installs conveyor and material handling equipment. “Whenever and wherever goods and products need to be moved, stored, packed, or otherwise handled we can find the best solution for your needs.”

John Brooks – President

Environmental Room Installation

This installment is a completely closed system designed, pre-fabricated and installed to enclose a powder-coating system operation for Coalman. This 64 x 45 x 18 ft. room maintains their powder coating system at the right temperature.

Painting System for Praxair

Here, we have a painting system completed for Praxair, which consists of an installed paint booth with an air make up unit located on top. This cools air from outside, directs it into the booth and pushes it out the other side. A cure oven is located on the right-hand side.


Pallet handling conveyors can handle very large and heavy pallets. Here is a complete turnkey project for Pfizer which consisted of a conveyor, a control system electrical field wiring and mechanical installation, which makes for the perfect pallet handling conveyor.

Bridge Crane

Our cranes have great lifting and carrying capacity. Photographed above we are lifting an air make up unit to install on-site. This air make up unit contains a gas furnace for heating the air that enters the plant during winter time.

Overhead Trolley Conveyors

Overhead trolley conveyors can transport just about anything and are great for moving products through a painting system, as we did in this picture here.

Shelving and Racking

We specialize in everything from design to installation when it comes to maximizing your productivity. We will optimize your space with warehouse racking and shelving as photographed above. With shelving, you can customize your drivers according to your products and space.