Trust Us, We Can Handle It

Brooks Material Handling specializes in finding the right material handling solutions for your unique requirement. (913)-754-3933


Trust Us, We Can Handle It

Engineering, installation, fabrication, maintenance, & repair services

The Bigger Picture

Conveyors, Bridge Cranes, & Material Handling

Brooks Material Handling is a customer-driven solutions provider. Utilizing our knowledge, expertise, and technologies, we help transform the production process of our customers. Our complete solution includes detailed Equipment Design and Production as well as a full line of consultation services. Brook Material Handling focuses on our clients' specific needs and develops the best solutions utilizing the best products and processes.

Brooks Material Handling specializes in finding the right material handling solution for your unique requirements.

Addressing Our Client's Needs

Brooks Material Handling has helped our diverse customer base transform the way in which they operate their facilities. This has enabled them to improve their bottom line, increase productivity and generate more revenue. We work closely with our clients to understand their exact requirements and provide them with cranes, hoists, lifts, and racking systems to generate value within their processes.

Surface Conveyor Solutions

Brooks Material Handling leverages decades of experience designing, engineering, and surface conveyor systems.

Power Rotators

Power rotators are utilized to spin a product to a painting operation.

Overhead Conveyor Solutions

Brooks Material Handling applies the same knowledge and experience when it comes to overhead conveyor solutions.

Paint Application Equipment Installations

Brooks Material Handling has been providing conveyor equipment to the painting applications industry since our inception.

Bridge Cranes, Monorail Systems & Hoists

Brooks Material Handling has the same decades of experience when finding the best solutions for a customer looking for lifting solutions.

Shelving and Racking Solutions

We specialize in everything from design to installation when it comes to maximizing your productivity.

Our Services

Brooks Material Handling offers complete design, engineering, installation, fabrication, maintenance, and repair services for all your material handling needs, from conveyor systems and cranes to industrial supplies and carts.